The humans in the universe of Celtic Mythos live free of the knowledge of the world of the reality of gods and folklore. Only the Earth’s Protectors’ line of humans is privy to the amazing and dangerous clans of Celtic Mythos.

Brendan O'Neal

Human. Athlete. Ready to go to college. Brendan loves his family, but he’s ready to start his life. He wants to have the campus life, get some miles between him and his annoying little sister, and just start his life as a man. He’s smart. He’s good under pressure, but he appreciates the strong females in his life. He misses his mother and probably puts too much blame on his father, but he’s learning. That’s what life is about.

Lizzie O'Neal

Lizzie is the typical teenage girl but who is an aspiring mixed martial arts dream. Don’t let that fool you, because she loves art and music just as much as mixing it up in the gym. She’s rambunctious, smart, and feisty. She has fights with her brother, but still loves him. She lost her mother years ago, but vowed to never let her memory fade. Adventure is what this amazing girl wants, so will you come along with her? 

Oscar O'Neal

Oscar is a professor and a student all rolled into one. He teaches at a university, sure, but he is a thirsty learner of all things Celtic, especially when it comes to his family history. He’s smart, as you assume he would be, but easily influenced by the dark arts. Oscar is Brendan and Lizzie’s father and has his hands full as a widower.

Brad A. LaMar is the author of the best selling and award winning YA fantasy series, Celtic Mythos as well as the Angler Island science fiction series. Brad is from Indianapolis, Indiana and has been an educator for 20+ years. He enjoys crafting fun stories and tries to always create interesting characters that readers will love. Brad's favorite genres to write are science-fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction. He writes stories for young children all the way up through adults. There's nothing like a good story to pass the time and engage the mind.

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