I am a mom of 3 amazing kids with a career background of 20 plus years in the field of science and medical research. My work with a skilled life coach ahead of transitioning out of a long term marriage, ignited my passion for helping others and giving back. My mission is to help others hold their vision and create a life story with intention.

I believe good things can be created to happen for anyone on purpose.

That leads me back to my experience of leading teams in standardized, streamlined, repeatable processes in the work place. Science needs reproducibility to be valid. Engaged, appreciated people show up in productivity and take that frame of mind back home. For that reason I work with businesses and teams to show them how to empower people through better practices and processes for the ultimate ROI.

The products from Boomerang HD are everyday life tools to inspire great feelings for best outcomes.

Nancy Mae Simpson
Boomerang HD

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