Magical Weapons of Celtic Mythos


Obsidian Dagger

The Obsidian Dagger is a very powerful object in the Celtic World powered by the death king of the universe. It has the ability to be a knife length or as long as a sword. Wielding the Obsidian Dagger gives the being the advantage of utilizing the power of Otherworld. 

The Sword of the Protectors

The Sword of the Protectors is a weapon given to the O’Neil line to be the guardians of the human race and the Earth itself. The sword appears to the protector at their time of need, and Brendan is in the thick of it.

Bo Staff

Lizzie’s potion grants her the use of a bow staff… which she is not that happy about. The thing is is that she is a black belt master of combat, so watch out.

Magical Blasts

Okay… very rare. Very unique. Dorian is super special to the Leprechauns. She’s not only Leprechaun royalty, but she holds the key to the magic of her clan. Her power doesn’t manifest in the form of a weapon… she herself is the weapon.

Bow and Arrow

Rory is a loyal friend and warrior who is a gifted archer. Luckily for him the solution awards him the use of unlimited arrows to defend himself and his friends.

Wing Daggers

Biddy is feisty and smart so her potion reflected her personality. She grows wings and can fire feathers at her adversaries with great accuracy. She’s agile and determined to help the cause.


An axe is a great tool, but can be terrifying in the wrong hands. Well, how about in the hands of a demons from Hell known as Dullahan? You know, the headless horseman? Power. Death. No stopping death.