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A washed-up private investigator discovers his destiny during a last-ditch assignment at an isolated farmhouse where a family was brutally murdered. Now, he finds himself in the fight of his life when he collides with six strangers, a cunning killer and a revelation that ties him to the battle of good versus evil.

“What is darkness? But the absence of light.”

Meeting point for Nathan and Joe. A popular, yet seedy nightclub, in an urban part of the city. The drudges of society fill the space from the likes of anarchists, criminals and trouble makers smashing each other in a mosh pit. While off to the side, a bondage cage offers its patrons the pleasures of pain, via hot wax scalding body parts and sexuality is at an all time high. Nathan would never venture to an establishment of this sorts, but for a gig. Especially one to get his career back on track, he’s willing to take the risk.


A family home in a rural area of farms, ranches and middle class upbringings.  Just short of the white picket fence, this humble abode is the place of great memories that last a lifetime where many barbecues have been had and bonds have been made that last a lifetime. A place where Anthony, Lynda, and their daughter Lily would take their last breath.

One dark night, something terrible would happen.  Something right out of a true crime that reaches headlines. A story that would be talked about for eternity and send shock waves across every supernatural realm. A ice cold killer would emerge from the darkness. Seen, but not seen. That dreadful day and night could become the stomping ground for a turn in the path of life as we know.



It would become a crime scene where everyone is dead. The killer may be amongst them or still out there. A case that would leave authorities of the this rural area puzzled and go cold with no suspect. With the the door wide open, a private detective gets embroiled up to his neck in danger as he turns the case upside down and reveal secrets of this house that were better left hidden.

A man stumbles in at the dead of night. Blackness everywhere. He is bleeding from the stomach. A severe knife wound, gushing red. Feet are heavy like bricks. His gait is erratic. He falls over a pew. Face smacks the ground, knocking him unconscious. Just his breathing…labored at best.

All goes silent.


His heavy eyes open.  An androgynous person is standing over him. A Minister of some sorts. The Man quickly scoots back against the wall, reaching for his gun in his waistband. It’s gone. The Minister hands him the weapon when a strange looking knife with a curved blade and jagged edge falls from his coat pocket. Clacks against the floor, blood spattering and comes to rest.

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