Six dead. No suspect. A private investigator will journey to a rural farm house seeking the truth & will collide in a cataclysmic event with pure evil that is tied to the war in Heaven.

An egotistical, inexperienced and hard boiled special agent for The Walk-ins of Light, must wiggle her way out of danger when she gets her first assignment at a safe house in a hotel where everything isn’t what it seems.

A damsel in distress and a down on his luck young good samaritan man are propelled into a dark ominous game with the opportunity of a lifetime where someone is always watching and danger is right behind you.

What happens when a tight knit group of streetwise parkour & x-game whiz kids become the world’s saviors against a threat that is destined to annihilate mankind. A bond from the past to shape the future. A life or death struggle that will push them past the boundaries of life and death.

Welcome to the world of jumping out of planes all over the world and hitting your target on the ground. Amazing challenges. Fantastic way to test your hand to eye coordination, win cool prizes and have a blast. A new mobile app experience.

Within the Bazillian Empire a young gladiator is forced to fight in the coliseum games at behest of its citizens and emperor. Every day is a brush with death. Fiery as he is valiant, he moves ever forward seeking freedom under the open sky.