• Only child to two blue collar hard working parents in the mills of Detroit

• Decorated Navy Military Police Officer turned Midwest Sheriff

• Divorced

• Devoted Father to Jared and Sera - his children meant the world to him

• Lived a life a service before taking his own life due to the traumas and heartache of the job

• After serving in the military a few tours in the Middle East and back home here in the states, he decided to retire instead of working his way up the ranks.

• His desire to be home more drove Frank at the core. He regretted missing so much of his children growing up and the strain it put on the family unit as well as his marriage. 

• A more simple life is what he was going after when he joined the sheriff's unit. 

• That lead him to the Homicide Division where he continued his life of service to help victims of violent crimes such as; homicides, suspicious deaths, crimes as a result of which death is probable, in-custody deaths, missing persons, infant deaths, SIDS, officer-involved shootings and use of force deaths, suspicious suicides and adult kidnaps

 • Just a good old boy from the south, North Carolina to be exact where boiled peanuts were considered a delicacy.  



As Frank Ellsworth stumbled through the evidence and broke all the protocols that his superiors reprimanded him about, he found himself drifting into morbid self-destruction and turning to prostitutes  to comfort him. He wasn’t the cheating type. His rendezvous evenings was his therapy. His only comfort from strangers that became his only guiding light.

Where was Ellie Monroe?

Who took her? And why?

Everyone says it’s the questions that drive us, but for Frank it’s the questions that tormented him. 





The night Olivia Ellsworth answered the knock at the door her reaction said it all. She knew the day would come when the words from the detectives standing there were "can we come in?"

Frank had battled with his demons. The only thing that had left any kind of confusion at the moment and she'd carry with her for another ten years where she'd meet the same fate is, how does a good man fall so hard and ultimately take his own life? One she would answer herself when she found herself staring in the mirror with a Kimber .9mm handgun made in the good old USA jammed in her mouth just like Frank. 

Pain is evident in some people, but for those that are better at hiding it, being a patriot to the core doesn't help you survive that. Jared and Sera would find themselves young adults with both parents ripped away from them with complete tragedy and would form an even tighter bond that  would prove to be instrumental when she goes missing.