Sera Ellsworth


-Dancer dreamer

-Fiery spirit with the boss babe exterior to match. She loves to pursue adventure, especially the adventure of life and toes the line between danger and freedom.

-When she was little her mother supported her kind nature, somewhat of a wallflower. She could talk to anybody young or old without even noticing the outside.

-Her father would try to toughen her up like a tomboy and she would please him by throwing the baseball in the backyard.

-Moved to the big city to pursue a dance career. Her choreography got her noticed by the who’s who of the nightlife socialite crowd and with her outgoing personality she was offered a job as a gogo dancer at the popular spot CLUB RAPTURE.

-The one thing that Jared and her never saw eye to eye on is that Sera never knows when it’s too much. To know when to walk away when she’s walking the edge. Jared told her since they were very young one day you are going to go too far and I won’t be there to catch you or save you.

-Her fit physique, sassy swagger and girl boss attitude is bound to lead her to higher things. It’s like she’s taken walking to the beat of her own drum further that others do.