Made from an unknown invincible substance. When the royal family of Empyrean in Heaven created these rare heirlooms, they were given to the chosen ones so that they could break all barriers of the Universe. A boundless special power to help keep the balance and law and order throughout time and space became the mission.

The fight of Light and Dark shattered the unity and scattered them all across the lands. Only those who are allowed to touch them, let alone bear them across their chest, seek them still to this day. So that one day, they can all be together once again with law and order reigning supreme.


The Ascended Organizations are the governing bodies over life throughout the Universe. Earth is a prized asset that everyone looks to protect, control and inflict their agendas upon. The hierarchy and rank is for order, role and identity. Harmony remains the ultimate focus and yet evil and resistance festers in the corners, growing in size and stature. The war spills to the edges of space and time. Earth has become the center point and the tipping point is upon us. 


The Great Creator
The Supreme Council
The Universal Committee
Walk Ins of Light and Dark
The Masters
The Ministry