My doctor says how I see myself is important this list is my view of me:

  • I was shy and introverted as boy, not sure where that came from but being a loner became the norm for me anyway. It’s okay I  like to be alone. Sure keep telling yourself that
  • Enjoyed solving puzzles, man I loved those cool puzzles, word searches, other mind games and anything else that could keep me preoccupied and my mind intrigued
  • my father was a heavy drinker and was unfaithful
  • His mother loved him strangely. After divorcing his father when he was young, his mother obsessed about making sure Anthony never turned out like his father so she became extremely strict. Binding him to the dining table to make sure he learned manners and could be reprimanded easily with a switch.
  • The heavy handed approach fractured  Anthony’s mind and boyhood experience
  • Read a book a week from my book club as some form of escape and  it became the only place I found I  could fit in, with other outcasts, black sheep and troubled youth