Coming from a long line of warriors, Codename Eliyah, lived in the shadows of her male heritage and siblings. Two older brothers, who were perfect in every way. Despite her gender and expectations stacked against her, Eliyah is determined to make a name for herself.

Born and raised in a small village along the coast of the eastern part of heaven, where the wealthy and the privileged call their home. They dance around like doves on a summer morning without a care in the world. Nothing mere mortals can even relate to and Eliyah was the exception. She saw through the frailties of that superficial world and yearned for something more.

Her gut told her to prepare and her mind told her what to become. When other kids were out playing, Eliyah was focused on an unspoken path. Stronger. Smarter, Faster. That is what she tells herself as she makes her way into The Walk-Ins of Light academy. A black sheep, but ready for the challenge. A challenge she will win and lead her to commendations and being ostracized by her peers.

A legacy that will span across the lands throughout Empyrean.