A gumshoe by trade. Not just any special agent handler, Joe is the poster boy for stellar reputations. For handling the toughest of ego maniac personalities that he has babysat in his career. Rumor has it, he even has a rapport with the devil himself. He takes his job very seriously. Especially when it involves such an important mission for The Walk-Ins of Light and defending good. The night he meets Nathan, it all begins.


A group of elite soldiers of Empyrean from The Walk-Ins of Light that are dedicated and trained to protect the higher realm from the The Walk-Ins of Dark. The Directive was formed by the seraphim, known as the guards of The Great Creator, as a branch to seek out, destroy, rescue and assassinate top level targets to maintain peace.


INFANTRY: troops and boots on the ground, air, water and beyond

SHADOW EIGHT DIVISION: small battalion of eight soldiers that do close quarter combat missions

HAWKEYE DIVISION: seek and rescue special forces includes informants, wounded soldiers, high value targets, etc…

COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION: Responsibility to go in with first responders and set up the infrastructure of the network for all communications.

SCOUT DIVISION: Intelligence and counter intelligence security forces using state of the art equipment and any other means to achieve the goal.


The Man - a nickname given to him because he looks like everybody else. That means he wouldn’t stand out in the crowd at any circumstance and in fact, he couldn’t be more generic looking if he tried. But when it comes to his skills and his kill ratio, his reputation in battle is nothing short of a master.

Jesebelle - ruthless is how she is described most of the time when a one word description is needed. Her abilities with a any kind of blade are borderline otherworldly. Her smarts are described as seductive and impressive. But it’s her knack for causing a ruckus that really precedes her anywhere she goes. She takes pride in that. The fact that she alone can cause disorder of epic proportions, it makes her a dangerous combo.

Hercules - a cog to those who can get his help for their cause. One of the best “gun for hire” that shoots code not bullets. An over the top, scrawny, and high strung tech hacker that spends his days sleeping and his nights being a fanboy and menace from behind his keyboard and million dollar equipment based in his garage. He spares no expense. And when it comes to his clients, Hercules aims to please and gets paid well for it. His master strokes in some of the biggest cyber crimes in all of Empyrean are just the tip of the iceberg.