• Assignments from The Globe, Times and various other top publications
  • Became in demand as true crime investigative journalist
  • Handled top stories like the Boston bombings, infamous murders and other controversial high profile cases, and may other notorious stories for major publications
  • Was revered by his peers off the record, on the record they stayed away from him A story that was too dangerous you called Nathan Morelyon. A story that was riddle with controversy, and not the good kind of attention, you call Nathan Morelyon.



Transcribed from Nathan’s digital voice recorder audio files:

“I often think about what broke the camel’s back. Every damn time, it lands on it wasn’t one thing that did it. It’s never one thing is it? It’s the years of pounding on our foundation and we give in”

The crackle of Nathan taking a drag from his cigarette.

“Watching people do horrible things to each other does something to your soul and it made me do horrible things to myself. I thought I could do some good, but clearly it did something far more sinister to me. But it’s not over yet, I got more fight in me.”

What is a world, where blood travels up?

Where death can look so common and tragedy can bring forward destiny like a modern day reckoning. The ultimate high stakes game.

And now, good comes onto evil’s turf to do a great bidding. A stripped and lifeless place vapid of soul and vibrancy.

Everything is dangling from the edge of mystery and death.