When the Scribes of Empyrean were called upon for a monumental task, a hush fell over all the lands. A task that everyone knew would change the future forever and make sure the past was never forgotten. The scribes were eager to begin. Chatter filled the air amongst them all as they brought forth a scroll.

Much like a life scroll that documents from the beginning of time called The First Time and continues through the eternal future filled with the unknown. The scribes are astute beings, chosen by The Great Creator, because of their ability to see the truth, write with pure hearts and defend against the enemy trying to destroy them.

To save the scrolls and the power they hold, the leader of the scribes decided to hide them in a collection of medallions, forged with supernatural abilities and materials. Then, they dispersed them throughout the lands and gave them to selected ascended beings to protect so they never fall in the wrong hands.

They were given a name. An iconic label that would become the hope for civilizations to come.

The War Scrolls.