Author Brad LaMar has been featured in Chicago Splash Magazine regarding this three up and coming new titles: Zorp, The Twisted Breadman, Angler Island: The Crystal Cavern, and M&T's Private Detection and Bakery.

He recently unveiled three captivating new books, spanning genres from mystery to fantasy, each promising readers an enthralling journey. Lamar's latest releases delve into ancient legends, modern-day thrillers, and fantastical realms, inviting readers of all ages to immerse themselves in his richly crafted worlds. With intricate plots, dynamic characters, and unexpected twists, Lamar demonstrates his storytelling prowess once again, ensuring that readers will be drawn in from the very first page!

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As a reminder, Zorp, The Twisted Breadman and M&T's Private Detection and Bakery are both available for purchase on Narrative Retail.

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