This is one of our core team culture ideologies that holds us up when we find ourselves drifting in the moments of lack of clarity that smothers us with doubt. It is something we have found to be very effective for us. We strive to be effective every day building this platform out and when all else seemed lost or foggy, we just do something. Anything to improve where it is today.  

We do things on the action list that need tending and needs more love because this is our baby. We birthed it. It's our responsibility to maintain it and grow it. We do what we have strategized and allow it to unfold.

Most of the time we don't know where the action is going to lead us exactly, but what we know with 100% certainty, when we do, the magic starts to happen. We find our way there, wherever there is that we're aiming for. 

The best part is, a lot of the time it turns out to be even better than we imagined. We just needed the courage to take steps into the unknown and then it became our new safe place.  Kind of corny right? Wrong, it's our truth.

Technology has become our greatest teacher through this process. Teaching us more about ourselves and each other. Our brotherhood has grown stronger. Our mission has become part of our heartbeat to support creators in their quest to express themselves here. 

Founders of Narrative Retail

by Jefferson Keith Langley