This one is easier for us to tackle than maybe other things we faced or face to this day. We are constantly talking amongst ourselves, delving into the ideas we have for our creator platform. We know from our own experiences that as creators ourselves ideas start small maybe, they incubate with just the proverbial mustard seed. And what we also know, is that if and when you cultivate that seed, small or big, it will grow. 

Now, it may not be exactly what you thought it would be. For example, one seed may grow more than just a tree it may pollinate an entire forest without even knowing that it was going to become that. Our ideas are never shot down by one another because ideas are at the heartbeat of innovation around the world and when nurtured just right by the right farmers it will produce harvest and rest assured that seed will give back to you a million times fold. 

Founders of Narrative Retail

by Jefferson Keith Langley