Hope is an interesting word. One we as a team find to be potentially problematic if not kept in perspective. What we've found is that in working on this product, we never found our way to the finish line of any task with us sitting around and hoping. Even if the hope was based on good intentions.  

Now, this doesn't mean we don't go in with the best intentions, but what we've learned for ourselves is that when you take vision, add in talent and put it into process, hope no longer becomes necessary because change is happening and progress is being made. There's nothing to hope for because we have it now. We've moved forward from where we were. 

So executing the vision is a responsibility to usher the change and progress to where it ends up through our processes. For us, that's what excites us is where it finishes and how we got there. Anyone reading this won't know the details of that, that's for us between us, but you get to experience the finished product. Well, for now :)

Until it changes and moves forward again. Thanks for reading and supporting this creator platform. 

Founders of Narrative Retail 

by Jefferson Keith Langley