As founders, we face things every day building this platform out from scratch to bring this to anyone who sees it, enjoys it and keeps supporting the cause of creators telling a narrative in a whole new way. 

Hopefully others can relate to this. One of our biggest hurdles has been working with what we have and the resources available to us. We all have an extensive background in our fields. As a unit we all have very high taste and we pursue perfection with complete resolve and ferocity even though we know we'll never achieve it. Finding the balance of that and growing ourselves to make do with what we have has been trying at times.

We so deeply want to bring the best product to our creators and those we are here to entertain. Everyday we strive to plan, strategize the best route to achieve our goals. Our times of struggle or frustration are far superseded by the positive feedback, the smiles we have on our faces and what's to come. 

We are committed to continuing to grow this and provide the very best platform for creators to express themselves in a fresh innovative new way. Don't think for a second we take for granted what we have all worked for diligently for that has prepared us for this moment. 

We encourage anyone who reads this and can relate to fight for what they believe in, work smart, surround yourself with people you respect at any level who have talent, skills, drive and the same hearts to focus on what's's not about US or YOU it's about who and how you can serve best.  

Founders of Narrative Retail

by Jefferson Keith Langley