Have you ever wondered what would happen if Sherlock Holmes traded in his pipe for a pastry bag? Well, wonder no more because M&T's Private Detection and Bakery is here to satisfy your curiosity! This new book follows the adventures of the one and only Muff N. Mann as he delves into a case of missing persons with a side of freshly baked goods.

Who is Muff N. Mann?

Muff N. Mann is not your average detective. With a keen eye for clues and a love for all things baked, he's the perfect blend of mystery and muffins. Whether he's dusting for fingerprints or dusting off his favorite muffin recipe, Muff N. Mann is always on the case (and always hungry).

What's the Case?

In this latest installment, Muff N. Mann finds himself knee-deep in a case of missing persons - Jack and Jill. As he follows the trail of crumbs (literally and figuratively), he uncovers a web of deceit, betrayal, and of course, delicious baked goods. Will he be able to crack the case before his muffins go stale?

Why You'll Love It

If you're a fan of mysteries, baked goods, or just enjoy a good laugh, M&T's Private Detection and Bakery is the book for you. This world is expansive, with recognizable characters ranging from Tom Thumb, Little Miss Muffet, to the likes of Little Boy Blue. With a quirky cast of characters, a plot that keeps you guessing, this book is a delightful treat for the mind and the stomach.

So grab a cup of tea, a cozy blanket, and settle in for a wild ride. Who knows, you might just solve the case before Muff does (but let's be honest, he's the real detective here).

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Brad A. LaMar is the author of the best selling and award winning YA fantasy series, Celtic Mythos as well as the Angler Island science fiction series. Brad is from Indianapolis, Indiana and has been an educator for 20+ years. He enjoys crafting fun stories and tries to always create interesting characters that readers will love. Brad's favorite genres to write are science-fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction. He writes stories for young children all the way up through adults. There's nothing like a good story to pass the time and engage the mind.

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