Hoo boy! Do we have some big updates for you. Have you heard the latest news in the realm of Celtic Mythos and The Monster Mortician? Buckle up, because there are some thrilling updates coming your way!

What's the Buzz About Creator Pages?

Rumor has it that creator pages are getting a major facelift! Get ready to showcase your favorite creators and dive deeper into the minds behind your beloved stories.

Creator pages will be the new portals to all related stories and content, check back for additional updates in the near future. More to come!

Exclusive Content Galore!

Get ready to feast your eyes on exclusive content for Celtic Mythos and The Monster Mortician! It's like getting VIP access to the coolest party in town, but without the hassle of finding the right outfit. Discover more intimate details of your favorite story and the creation behind them. 

Check them out here

New Artwork Alert: Celtic Mythos!

Narrative Retail is proud to partner with Gelato to bring you museum quality prints. Prepare to be mesmerized by charming artwork for Celtic Mythos! It's like a visual feast for your eyes, with each piece telling a story of its own. Get ready to be transported to a world of magic and mystery!

Check them out here

Introducing Seaside Murders!

Drumroll, please! Say hello to the newest addition to the family - Seaside Murders! Get ready for a thrilling ride filled with suspense, the occult, and a dash of candle wax dripping that will leave you blushing just a bit. There's a love story in there to boot as well. It's a whole new IP that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

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So, there you have it - the latest and greatest updates in the world of Celtic Mythos and The Monster Mortician. Get ready to dive into a world of creativity, imagination, and endless possibilities. Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming your way!

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