This one we all talk about extensively in our team meetings. Now mind you, there's literally three people on the team in total. So let's start there...

We all know that excuses can be easy to come by and hard to let go of or get over.  They are rampant in our lives and society, but for us we address this all the time because it manifests itself in saying no. Limitations that permeate in everything we are and do. We're committed and stay very disciplined to support each other when those pesky little gremlins poke their heads in where they don't belong. 

So we watch what we say, what we think, what we do, so that we are just a simple step away from a yes from ourselves because we pride ourselves on being solution makers, roadmap creators, even doorway generators for us to walk through to get to where we want to go. 

Drop the excuses. Build whatever is in your heart, mind and soul to add to this great world we live in. It's great because we can, it's greater because we do and it lasts because we did it together. 

If you're making excuses, like I don't have time or not enough money or not the right people, it's not that you're wrong, it's that you're not ready for what you say you want. 

Founders of Narrative Retail

by Jefferson Keith Langley