The Mystery

In the beginning

Zooming across a vast wooded area. Towering trees ascend and descend as far as the eye can see. Until, a massive construction site with surrounding acreage comes into view. It is massive. Yet still unclear of what is being erected because of its early stages. Equipment and workers are sprinkled everywhere.

A bulldozer is digging a huge off to one side. A foreman barks orders to the driver when suddenly, the ground opens up. A sinkhole with a mouth the size of a football field roars and swallows the bulldozer whole with the worker inside. Dirt, debris and anything else on the edges tumbles into pandemonium, spreading across the whole area. The crew rush to safety, staying out of its reach. It finally stops. Billows of dust plumes through the air reaching toward the cloud cover. workers rush to the rescue the missing dozer and driver. They quickly toss repelling gear down to scale down with medical gear on their backs. First wave of rescue workers go down and search the wreckage, but no worker.

They yell up top “He’s not in the bulldozer!” They continue to search when they find an open tunnel and they hear something. They flash their lights up high on the wall of the sink hole and the worker is clinging to the wall on all fours.

He turns around and scrambles down to standing position. The rescue workers freak out and make a run for it. Screams. Flesh tearing. The worker, no longer himself; something else, attacks the whole search party.